PhD adviser

Project Leader: determine objectives and scope of project, search for funding, execution, data analysis, time management, writing reports, scientific papers, professional presentations, teaching courses, participation at international forums (like International Whaling Commission)

Social Media Manager: established strategy and tactics for social media presence, supervise content creation

Modeling of customer’s behaviors, insights, recommendation, guidelines on profitable promotions.

Project management, mentoring.

Judge of business competition, mentor high school students, guide them in the process of building a business plan for a startup

Liaison between property management and home owners, make informed decisions
Point of contacts to current and new members, event organization, communication with headquarters

VOLUNTEER position

Design of dashboards, innovative data analysis for different clients according with their needs, data-based insights, findings in presentation format
Data analytics, social media briefs and content, search engine optimization, websites on WordPress, public relations
Secondary market research, brochure and website design, public relations
Survey design and execution, cross-functional interaction with employees, data analysis and interpretation, findings in report and presentation format
Survey design and execution, exploratory research: interviews
Design and scope of project, grant writing, creation of automatic mid-frequency active sonar detector, presenting results and answering questions to federal and academic institution of teleconference