Antarctic Project

Monitoring marine mammals

In 2014 Fundación Cethus (Argentina) started carrying out a long-term project for monitoring marine mammals in Antarctica in the frame of the SORP (Southern Ocean Research Program) of the International Whaling Commission.
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A High-frequency Acoustic Recording Package (HARP) was deployed during a visual and acoustic Antarctic survey in austral summer 2014 onboard the Argentine Prefectura Naval cutter SB-15 Tango (Trickey et al. 2015). Its position was 60°53.2 S and 55°57.2 W in 760 m water depth . The recorder sampled at a rate of 200 kHz with 16-bit quantization for five minutes every 6 minutes from March 5, 2014 to July 17, 2014.

Additionally,  towed array acoustic recordings were conducted, covering the space shown in the map below (Fig. 1).